Specialists In Plastics Fabrication

Our comprehensive workshop includes a variety of machining methods

CNC Router

Heavy duty CNC router with 3 metre x 2 metre bed, enabling us to cut large and intricate shapes accurately and efficiently.

Diamond polishing

Diamond polishing machine produces a high premium quality glass like finish to an edge of acrylic sheet and block up to 50mm thick. 

Line bending machine

Line bending machine that is capable to give accurate, high quality bends on acrylic and other thermo-forming materials.

CNC lathes

Two CNC lathes for high quality precision turned components in either metal or plastic. Both machines have bar feed and maximum 42mm through spindle.

Lotus BLU125

Our Lotus BLU125 100w C02 laser offers a work area of 1250 x 900 which allows us to cut and engrave various coloured Acrylic to any shape the customer requires.

Laser cutting provides a smooth, finished polished edge. Laser cutting is used in various applications from acrylic jewellery and signage to acrylic lettering and LED displays.

We also offer CNC Turning, Acrylic signage, Fabrication & Flame Polishing and Sawing & Milling

Our team are prepared to put in that little extra to ensure you the customer get what you want, on time.

From our premises at Cross Green Industrial Park we manufacture point of sale display items as well as undertaking general plastic fabrication work.